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The Beatles wrote and released countless songs over the years, with many of them becoming timeless, iconic, and revered around the world. John Lennon wrote a fair few of these, including Please Please Me, I Am the Walrus, Strawberry Fields, A Hard Day’s Night, Help!, and many, many more. Despite the worldwide fame and recognition he received for his songwriting, Lennon hated how they ended up. He even told his longtime cohort that he wished he could rerecord them all.

The Beatles’ producer and songwriter extraordinaire George Martin helped usher the Fab Four from an everyday boyband to a worldwide phenomenon, so he saw all of the group’s songs at every stage of creation. From memorable jingles to stadium-filling soundtrack, Martin was responsible for bringing a lot of The Beatles’ tracks to life.

But while discussing the band’s opinions of their music, he confessed that Lennon had fallen sick of his own songs.

Martin told journalist Robert Sandall of one interaction with Lennon that surprised him: “We were just chatting about old times, and he suddenly came out and said: ‘I’d like to do everything we’ve done over again.'”

Martin, flabbergasted by this statement, replied: “You don’t think we did anything right?”

What Lennon replied shocked Martin, who had worked hard to breathe new life into The Beatles’ discography, he was stunned.

Lennon went on to berate The Beatles’ tracks: “Most of what we did was crap.”

Martin defended his work by asking: “Well, what about Strawberry Fields?”

Strawberry Fields Forever was released on 13 February, 1967, and became one of The Beatles’ biggest hits. And Lennon confessed it was a direct reflection of his mental state.

He once said of one lyric: “The second line goes: ‘No one I think is in my tree.’ Well, what I was trying to say in that line is ‘Nobody seems to be as hip as me, therefore I must be crazy or a genius.'”

Despite how much of himself Lennon put into Strawberry Fields Forever, he admitted to Martin that he was not a fan anymore.

After being asked whether Strawberry Fields Forever was “crap” he replied: “Especially Strawberry Fields!.”

Lennon later told Playboy that his songs were sometimes pushed aside by Paul McCartney during the recording process.

“Usually we’d spend hours doing little detailed cleaning-ups of Paul’s songs,” he said. “When it came to mine, especially if it was a great song … somehow this atmosphere of looseness and casualness and experimentation would creep in. He’ll deny it because he’s got a bland face and he’ll say the sabotage doesn’t exist.”

Lennon may have been in a state of mind where he was down on his band’s music, because it was not always doom and gloom for the Beatles star.

In fact, he spoke extremely highly of Martin and the work he laid down for the band’s albums.

Lennon praised Martin and how he brought the band’s work to light.

“[Martin] had great musical knowledge and background,” Lennon said. “He taught us, and I’m sure we taught him a lot through our primitive musical ability. Which I still have. I can’t always translate what I’m trying to say all the time.”



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