John Wayne movie set feud had Henry Fonda ‘infuriated to the point of tears’ | Films | Entertainment

Agar was playing Lt Michael Shannon and was newly married to his Miss Philadelphia Thursday co-star Shirley Temple. Ford would constantly call him “Mr Temple” in front of the cast and crew and slam his lack of horse riding experience and the way he delivered lines. This seriously got to Agar one day, which resulted in him storming off set and claiming he would quit the movie.

To help defuse the situation, Wayne – who played Captain Kirby York – came alongside the young actor and mentored him with the more difficult aspects of the production. The 26-year-old never forgot the Western legend’s kindness to him and later said: “I would go to hell and back for Duke.”

Incredibly, despite all they had to put up with, both Wayne and Fonda couldn’t deny Ford’s sheer genius as a filmmaker.

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