Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wear white for different reasons


Kate, Princess of Wales, 41, joined the Royal Family in 2011 and ever since she wore her Alexander McQueen wedding dress she has wowed fans with her style.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Slots, body language expert Darren Stanton said: “Kate tends to wear four main colours, when she wants to be bold and really stand out and it’s an appropriate occasion she will wear red because red is the colour of confidence.

“By contrast, when she wants to make a similar statement but tone it down a little bit she tends to wear blue, which is another of her go-to colours. Generally, you will see her wearing red or blue.

“Other colours she goes for are turquoise or purple. Purple is a very spiritual colour – it is the colour of communication, empathy and compassion.

“She tends to wear these colours when she is going to charity events. When she goes somewhere where she doesn’t want to be the centre of attention she tends to wear white or cream.

“You’ll often see her in these more neutral tones for more formal occasions or situations where she’s keen for others to take centre stage.”

Meghan Markle’s style is a “contrast” to Kate, according to the body language expert.

Mr Stanton explained: “In contrast to Kate, Meghan’s go-to colour is generally white or cream, as she feels that is her power colour and is when she appears most self-assured. When she is out and about she tends to favour these colours, she obviously feels confident wearing them.

“When she first came into the public eye, Meghan was dressing more conservatively, there were lots of protocols that she had to adhere to.

“Since Meghan moved to the States we have noticed a lot more flamboyance in terms of the clothes she wears. We no longer see the conservative suits, she tends to wear a lot more power colours.

“Kate tends to be a lot more selective in terms of what she wears to certain events whereas Meghan tends to be a lot more individualistic and doesn’t let that affect her choice.

“They have got a very similar ethos in terms of what they wear but there was certainly a noticeable shift from when Meghan first became Harry’s partner to now.”

“Unpredictable” Queen Camilla shows her “strong” relationship with Kate through her style, the expert opined.

Mr Stanton suggested: “Camilla is not afraid of pushing the boat out so tends to wear an array of colours. When she is attending formal events she will usually wear white but we have seen her wearing blues and reds and very deep purples as well.

“Whatever the Royal Family wears is indicative of their personality so with Camilla she is a very confident woman and that is reflected in the way she carries herself.

“She likes to surprise people and stand out, not so much to be the centre of attention but she makes certain statements with her clothing so it tends to be quite unpredictable.

“Similar to Kate she favours reds, blues, and purples, so Kate could have been influenced by Camilla. It’s clear from their body language that they do have a very strong relationship with one another and Kate has a genuine deep connection with Camilla so could have been inspired by her style choices.”


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