King Charles shows hidden ‘dedication’ to Prince Harry on social media

King Charles, 74, and Queen Camilla, 75, took to social media with three photographs celebrating Father’s Day.

One of the pictures showed Charles with his late father Prince Philip, another showed Camilla with her late father Bruce Shand, and a third showed Charles with his two sons, William and Harry.

King Charles captioned the photo saying: “To Dads everywhere, we wish you a special Father’s Day today.”

The picture with William and Harry was taken on August 16, 1997, which was just over two weeks before Princess Diana’s tragic death in Paris on August 31.

At the time, William and Harry were staying with their father and the late Queen and Prince Philip in Balmoral Castle while Diana was on holiday with her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, who also died in the tragic car accident.

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The symbolism of Charles being a caring father for his two sons during a tough period did not go unnoticed by royal fans.

Royal fans took to social media to analyse the photograph and the fact that Charles included a moment with his youngest son, despite him no longer being a working member of the Royal Family.

Twitter user @sf4614zte_ commented saying: “Oh wholesome moments.”

Similarly, @MirkaDallaMarca said: “I love the use of the word ‘everywhere’ which fits well with both HRH Prince Philip and Harry.”

Royal watcher @KalinaAber wrote regarding King Charles: “That’s kind of you.”

Another fan, @TamouDelilah added: “Beautiful love these photos.”

A fan of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, @GailE98372053 said: “As a Harry and Meghan supporter, this post for me is very classy.”

Royal watcher @FalconLewis1 noted: “Charles will always have two sons. The feud and rift don’t matter.

“Harry will always be his younger son no matter what. He can’t ignore it.”

Royal fan @nomorenolessrea commented: “I love these photos. Happy Father’s Day Your Majesty.”

Instagram user @ataylor135 said: “Happy Father’s Day to His Majesty. His dedication to his boys and the country is amazing.”

Another fan, @hotyogadublin added: “Not one embracing picture in all three shots, a comfortable distance in all… lovely pictures though.”

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