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Overnight the first trailer was released for the upcoming epic Kraven the Hunter – and you can watch it at the top of this article.

The movie, which is being released by Sony in association with Marvel, tells the story of the titular antihero, who is a legendary nemesis of Spider-Man in the Marvel comic books.

The trailer showed the character, who is being played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, being raised with an iron fist, before getting attacked by a lion and, inexplicably, ingesting some of its blood.

After that, Kraven takes on some superhuman powers to become the perfect hunter. And the movie’s plot seems to focus on him crossing names off of a list.

But the final stinger of the movie’s trailer showed off yet another major character being introduced into the MCU.

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Thus far, Sony’s Marvel-adjacent movies have brought Venom, Morbius, the Vulture and Scorpion to the same universe.

At the moment, only a couple of them have actually encountered Spider-Man, but together, they make up a large portion of the Sinister Six – a collection of (mostly) animal-themed bad guys who really hate that pesky web-head.

Well, good news comic book lovers: the final moments of the Kraven trailer show off Aleksei Sytsevich (played by Alessandro Nivola) injecting something into his body.

Yep, you guessed it: His skin then started turning grey and scaly, as he attempted to ominously say: “Don’t you want to know why they call me the Rhino?”

With The Rhino now in play, that makes six Spider-Man villains now on the big screen. Is that a Sinister Six crossover movie we can smell coming?

Either way, nothing is going to happen unless Tom Holland signs on to play Peter Parker once again – which has not yet been confirmed.

Kraven the Hunter hits cinemas on October 6, 2023.

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