Lady Louise Windsor could wear £1.25million tiara on wedding day


Lady Louise Windsor, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, will turn 20 in November. However, the adolescent has not yet reached an important royal milestone.

The 19-year-old has not yet worn a tiara like her older cousins Princess Beatrice, 35, and Princess Eugenie, 33, but there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why.

Beatrice and Eugenie did not wear tiaras until their respective wedding days, despite being Princesses from birth.

The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara was lent to Eugenie for her October 2018 nuptials to Jack Brooksbank.

When Beatrice married real estate developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in July 2020, she wore Queen Mary’s Diamond Fringe tiara.

Like her cousins, Lady Louise will probably wear a tiara for the first time when she gets married.

The niece of King Charles III could potentially wear a tiara that her mother Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh previously wore.

The Anthemion tiara, which is composed of a number of ancient jewels from the late Queen Elizabeth II’s collection, was given to Sophie when the former PR director married Prince Edward in 1999.

Sophie clearly was able to keep the Anthemion tiara as she’s worn it on multiple occasions since.

The tiara uses the anthemion technique, which was popularised by the ancient Greeks and involves a number of radiating petals, giving rise to its name.

Because of this, Sophie’s wedding tiara was likely a tribute to the late Prince Philip, who was born in Corfu.

Steven Stone jewellery experts have estimated this tiara to be worth a staggering £1.25million.

The tiara, which is Sophie’s trademark, underwent a redesign in 2019 which the Duchess showed off at a State Banquet with then-President Donald Trump that year.

The headpiece was redesigned by jeweller Harry Collins for Sophie to wear at that State Banquet.

It is very likely that Lady Louise could wear this tiara one day, should she decide to marry, which would be a lovely tribute to her mother.

The Duchess of Edinburgh also owns an aquamarine necklace-alternative tiara. It’s thought to be a piece from her own private collection.

In addition, Sophie has worn the late Queen’s Five Aquamarine Tiara quite often.


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