LG’s lovely 65-inch C3 OLED TV is now $700 off at Amazon


The 65-inch LG C3 OLED TV is on sale for $1,896.99 ($702 off) at Amazon. The 4K TV is an exceptional jack-of-all-trades set with four HDMI 2.1 ports capable of up to 120Hz refresh with VRR, making it ideal for gaming. It’s also got those signature deep black levels for seeing detail even in dark cinematic movies and TV shows.

The LG C3 is the follow-up to one of our go-to TVs, last year’s C2. The new TV shares many similar specs with the C2, but it’s brighter, faster (thanks to a new processor), and has some user interface refinements in its webOS-based operating system — like a handy Personalized Picture Wizard that guides you through a step-by-step process to help set up the C3’s picture mode without as much fuss.

Between the NFL season starting in a couple of weeks and a bunch of anticipated games launching this fall, it’s not a bad time for a TV upgrade if you need one — especially with this deal.

Sony’s recent deals on PlayStation DualSense controllers may have ended last week, but now, Microsoft’s standard Xbox Wireless Controller in various colors is on sale for as low as $44 (originally $59.99 to $64.99) at Amazon and Walmart. The discounted colors at both retailers include black, white, red, green, blue, and pink — with the best value being on the red version (Amazon / Walmart), selling for $44 ($20.99 off).

The Xbox Wireless Controller is the standard-issue gamepad for Xbox Series X / S consoles, and it also supports Bluetooth for PC, Android, and Mac / iOS support. It’s hard to beat this controller for versatility and value, and the vivid colors on offer are a nice extra touch, with monochromatic color-matched buttons and Xbox home buttons.

Starting today, retro-style gaming handheld manufacturer Anbernic is running a special sale on its site through August 27th, discounting various handhelds by up to 17 percent and offering an additional $10 off coupon when you use code 828SALE at checkout.

Anbernic makes some quirky Linux- and Android-based handhelds that appeal to tinkerers, homebrewers, and classic game enthusiasts. Many of them look like inspirations or amalgamations of various Game Boys, the PlayStation Portable, or the Nintendo Switch Lite — and some are, frankly, blatant rip-offs. But what’s cool is that these little handheld consoles are mini emulation stations, allowing those in the know to play various games from Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PlayStation, and more.

If you’re looking for a pocket-ish-size handheld that looks like a Game Boy Color but has advanced controls like thumbsticks and shoulder buttons, check out the Anbernic RG353V for $86.11 ($22 off) with code 828SALE. For a larger, wider screen that’s more fit for toting around in a small bag, the Switch Lite-like Anbernic RG505 is on sale for $114.19 ($24 off) with the same code. Many of these handhelds come in some really sweet color options, including translucent purple.

Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Monday deals…


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