Lloyds Bank warning after woman loses £100,000 in cruel scam – ‘didn’t see the risk!’ | Personal Finance | Finance


Scammers often use techniques like this to play on the emotions of their victims and pressure them into sending money fast, without thinking.

When the loan was approved, Lynn tried to make the payment, but it was blocked and she had to go into branch.

It was here where suspicions were raised, as Lynn’s claim the money was for more home improvements didn’t sit right with bank staff, who asked her further questions she said she “wasn’t prepared for”.

The manager of the branch asked Lynn about the seven earlier payments she had made, and it was at this point she came clean, informing him the money was for “her boyfriend”.

The bank manager explained he thought Lynn had fallen victim to a romance scam, and explained the techniques often used by these fraudsters.

Sadly, these matched Lynn’s own experiences, and she was further devastated when the manager informed her about a reverse image search.


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