Look younger with eye ‘brightening’ makeup tip for ‘really dry’ and mature complexions

Dry, textured skin under the eyes can emphasise wrinkles and cause makeup to crease on mature complexions. While many products like concealers claim to cover signs of ageing and hydrate delicate areas of the face, not all of them do what they say on the tin – even after taking time on your skincare. However, according to one makeup artist, the best fix is to ditch thick, full-coverage makeup items altogether and revert to “old school” techniques instead.

In a recent video posted on her TikTok profile, makeup artist Kate Albert (@katealbertmua) shared her professional tip to help those with mature skin types to combat dryness and patchy makeup under their eyes.

She said: “If you are struggling with a dry under eye area, and you’re finding that concealer is just making the under eye area look worse – maybe it’s becoming cakey or creasing, then I want you to try applying your concealer like this.”

To the surprise of her followers, the makeup artist revealed that the first step in this anti-ageing technique is to throw out that concealer, adding that “you’re not going to use it”.

Kate explained that instead, those with mature skin types should use foundation to conceal everything from fine lines to dark circles under their eyes.

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The social media star noted that instead of applying it on its own, you should “mix a little something in with it”. In the video, she used a pink-toned colour corrector to blend into a small amount of foundation on the back of her hand.

After mixing the two products together, she applied them under her eyes with a small stippling brush. Instead of swiping the brush into the curve of her bone structure, the makeup artist used a fast-paced patting motion to achieve a seamless finish.

While doing this, Kate explained: “This is an old-school makeup technique and one of the things that makes it so effective is that foundation tends to be a thinner product than concealer.”

She noted that the easy tip works especially well for those dealing with “a really dry undereye area” or “more mature skin” where the complexion under the eyes has thinned out and “can’t handle the heaviness” of concealer.

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The results of the hack create the same “brightening effect” you’d expect from a concealer without having to use the same thick formula on your face.

After applying the foundation and colour corrector, Kate noted that she would normally set the liquid products down with a little bit of powder for extra staying power – but not this time.

She said: “Instead of doing that, you’re going to set this with eye primer. And I know that sounds bananas… just trust me.”

According to the makeup artist, the primeR can be applied over the top of the products using either a small, fluffy brush or your fingertips.

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Start by applying a small drop of primer onto the back of your hand and use your tool of choice to warm pick up a “teeny tiny” amount.

Kate recommended tapping the product right on top of the existing foundation layer to set the product into the skin.

She said: “And there you go. So if you are dealing with a lot of issues underneath your eyes and traditional concealer is just not working for you, then try this. I think you’re going to be really impressed!”

When it comes to choosing the right products, the TikTok user suggested using your normal foundation to ensure a seamless blend.

In the video, Kate used the Exa Beauty High Fidelity Colour Corrector (RRP £35), and the Rare Beauty Always An Optimist Weightless Eye Primer (RRP £20), though any combination of products will work.

The quick tip was a hit with the makeup artists’ followers, one of which commented: “This is the most practical tutorial I’ve seen so far when it comes to concealer.”

Another wrote: “I did this strick this morning, not as full coverage as I need but definitely looks better without all the cakiness.”

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