Love horoscope: Luckiest cities and days to find love this month for successful ‘romance’

With Valentine’s Day approaching, experts at have analysed the number of dating app users and the dating events held across UK cities to name the best dating spot in Britain. They revealed that Cambridge is the best place to find love this month with a “romance score” of 8.55 out of 10.

Cambridge took the top spot with the highest number of dating app users, which scored 9.17/10, and with around 32 singles per 1,000 people.

The city has an average of 10 dating events per month and offers plenty of options for singletons this Valentine’s Day with lots of quirky bars and romantic restaurants.

Liverpool ranked second with a “romance score” of 7.50/10 and nearly 6,000 dating app users which equals 30 singles per 1,000 people.

The city had a total of seven dating events last month and was followed by Manchester on the list, which is the third luckiest city to find love this month.

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Manchester scored 10/10 for dating app users with 11,089 people actively looking for love, which is 44 singles per 1,000 people.

However, the town lacks dating events, and people currently looking for their significant other gave the city a score of just 4.58/10.

The experts also shared their top dating tips to find love and started by saying that “being open-minded” is essential.

“Don’t go into your date with any expectations, this can help you figure out what you’re really looking for and can introduce you to things you didn’t even know you wanted in a partner. Make sure to pay attention when you find something you like that you didn’t realise,” they said.


It is also important to “be yourself” as being confident and knowing exactly what you want “means you are ready to date and you aren’t scared of anyone getting to know the real you”.

They also advised people to always focus on the present: “Old fears and insecurities can prevent you from being truly happy with someone new, so as much as it can be hard to forget the past, try to not think about that when first dating.”

The experts at, working with celebrity psychic Inbaal, revealed the luckiest day for each star sign, which could be the best opportunity to go on a date in one of the luckiest cities.

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