Makeup: Beauty expert amazes with technique on how to ‘look younger’


A beauty expert has explained what makeup techniques can be applied in order to take years off your face.

Amanda Hill is a makeup artist from the US state of Utah who owned her own beauty salon for ten years.

She has now started a new business specialising in helping mature women feel confident, working in the role as beauty consultant. And on her TikTok page, Amanda has created a step-by-step guide on how to look younger.

In a new video, Amanda says: “Most of my clients are over 40, but their makeup makes them look so much younger. 

“If you’re ready to look younger using makeup, I am going to show you the right products and the best way I know how. Let’s get started.”

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To begin, Amanda said: “The best way to do this is less product. I don’t mean compromising on coverage. We’re just going to apply differently.

“First, enhance your skin with colour. To do this I am using two separate bronzers.”

Amanda took both a darker plus a lighter bronzer and explained: “I’m sure a lot of us have a lot of sun damage. If you add bronzers or contours on top of that, it can enhance or make you look a little bit dirty.”

She advised that it was important to “only add colour where colour is missing” and gave an example of applying bronzer to her own face.

Amanda pointed to her upper cheek using the makeup brush, commenting: “You can see where I have a little bit of sun damage, I am keeping my bronzer back away from that.

“You can see along the bottom I have some discolouration, so I don’t want to use the same dark bronzer. I want something a little bit lighter in this tone.”

Amanda continued: “I’ll use that same lighter bronzer in my temple area, because the temple area typically has that blue vein so it gives a lot softer and natural look which will make you look younger.

“I don’t want a lot of product on my nose, because that will just enhance pore size.”

Amanda also advised that you should not “get overwhelmed with contour” and there was no need to feel overwhelmed using the product.

She said: “You want to use just a small amount in the hollow of your cheekbones. You don’t need to be scared of it, we’re using just a small amount to bring back that structure. The structure is what bring the youth back.”

She then applied her blush, adding: “The goal with this application is to look ten years younger, so don’t get sucked into trend blush applications. Think about where you would naturally flush.”

Ther beauty expert also gave advice on how to apply makeup to your under-eyes. She said: “If you are over 40, I guarantee your under-eyes have been where you have struggled the most. We are not going to use any type of concealer, we are just going to use colour editing.”

Amanda said it was important to start with the darkest parts of the undereye, explaining: “I go back and forth under my eyes and just start deleting the darkest part first and working my way down.

“By using this method and targeting placement, you will get more youthful under-eyes back.”

In the comment section, viewers said Amanda’s explanations have helped with their makeup application. One woman said: “I am so thankful I found you and tried this! I’m 37 and love my makeup and feel 25 again.”

Amanda has said she also provides virtual beauty consultations to women who wish for a more personalised tutorial, and will also provide custom-built pallets for women who are unsure of the best way to colour-match their makeup.

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