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Tim Hayden, 50, sacrificed his savings and his house as he believed in his dreams and was determined to realise them. In just three years of starting his social media accounts, Mr Hayden, who is the founder of Hagley West Watches, has amassed over one million followers on TikTok and YouTube. His videos have gone viral and he’s been recognised across the world.

The entrepreneur has been able to use live stream videos to engage his audience in real time, only making him more relatable.

Mr Hayden was previously in the IT business, but he had always hoped to grow a global brand.

He didn’t want to live with any regrets, so he joined up with his partner to start his watch business.

Mr Hagley said: “There’s no bigger challenge to an entrepreneur than growing a global brand, and I thought let’s go for it. I just wanted to reach my full potential.

“I wanted to continue living a comfortable lifestyle, but I didn’t want any regrets and It’s something I always wanted to do.”

In the first two years, My Hayden put in a total of £48,000 from his savings into the business, however things did not go to plan. Things had not taken off as he expected, but he was determined to make it work, so he knew he had to put everything in.

In 2019, he set up a crowdfunding round to gain investment so he could relaunch Hagley Watches. He also made the decision to sell his house so raise capital.

He said: “I had to put everything in it to make it work. I thought if I sell my house, I won’t have to worry about taking income for the business. I had to risk it all.

“I sold my house so I could give myself the best opportunity. I was 50 years old selling my house and going back into rented accommodation.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make at my age, but I thought let’s go for it, I had to sell my house because I just knew there was something there in this watch business.”

Mr Hayden’s crowdfund raised £350,000 and used the money from investors to relaunch the business in June 2020.

During lockdown, Mr Hayden was able to benefit from TikTok’s global reach and build a community by interacting with his followers on there.

To help promote his watches, he announced that anyone who bought a watch within the hour would get their watch hand-delivered.

He started a TikTok challenge called ‘Love Your Journey’, which quickly went viral and gained him and his brand a lot of attention. His followers are shown his location and the first person to find him and say ‘love your journey’ wins a free watch.

He has completed the challenge in all across the world in Wales, Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, Barcelona Ibiza, Mallorca, Copenhagen, across America and Artic-circle America.

The company’s turnover was £20,000 in 2020 and they have since doubled their turnover every year. Last year they saw record results with nearly half a million pounds achieved.

That figure is set to double to more than one million pound in this financial year.

He continued: “This whole thing feels surreal. I’m proud of my achievement it’s unbelievable.

“Everyone I meet is so kind I can’t believe it’s happening. I did this all from my table at home, and people have gotten the chance to watch me do it.”

The ethos of the brand is ‘love your journey’, and Mr Hayden highlighted that a lot of the success has come from the human element as everyone has their own story.

By constantly documenting his journey through social media and creating a community where people can connect with him, people believe in him and his brand.

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