Margot Robbie used two props to perfect her Barbie feet | Films | Entertainment

When the trailer for the upcoming Barbie movie hit the internet, fans of the legendary doll were ecstatic.

But perhaps the most jarring sequence came at the beginning of the trailer when Barbie star Margot Robbie stepped out of her high heels without flattening her soles.

In a new video interview with Fandango, Robbie confirmed: “They are my feet,” before explaining how this feat was pulled off with camera trickery and no CGI.

The incredible shot included two tools to bring the shot to life: Sticky tape, and a bar.

“It was probably about eight takes,” she recalled. “Wasn’t that many. I walked up, we had little sticky bits on the floor, double-sided tape for the shoes, so they wouldn’t come off, so I could get my feet out of them.”

Robbie then revealed she was “holding onto a bar” above the camera to balance herself on her tiptoes.

“I wasn’t in a harness or anything like that,” she said. “I just walked up, kind of held onto the bar above [the] camera.”

The Australian actress also revealed that she refused to use a foot double for the movie.

Robbie said: “I always try and do my own inserts. I don’t like when I watch a movie and I know it’s not my hands. I hate that so much.

“I always say to the director: ‘Please let me do all my own things’. I don’t like knowing that I didn’t do it.”

She went on to add that Barbie’s arches were perfected because: “I did ballet when I was a kid.”

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