Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s teaser for documentary may not be truly ‘intimate’

The first half of the teaser is a black and white video montage of the couple’s love story and life together. Judi James told that the free, liberated picture Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are portraying may not be quite what it seems.

Judi stated: “The first few photographs of this trailer form a quick-moving flash through Harry and Meghan – The Love Story.

“They are a mood board of a love affair, shot in monochrome to create a sense of continuity even though they jump forward and backward in time.

“They seem like a reproach viewed in retrospect. This is how happy we were, this is how we are free spirits, this is how natural and idyllic we could truly have been if only…..”

She observed that in the photos of the couple sitting on the grass, atop a Land Rover and taking selfies, “the emphasis is on freedom and a lack of formality”.

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She continued: “We are shown an increasingly intense display of freedom and spontaneity.”

We get a glimpse of the fun the couple have away from the royal spotlight.

There is even one prominent image of Meghan and Harry “leaping in the air with their mouths open like the kids from Fame”.

“The wide open mouth is a recurring body language theme here and it gives the impression that Harry is re-visiting his childhood state and re-writing that script to have a happy ending with another woman he clearly loves.”


While some of the photos are selfies the couple have taken themselves, others were professional images taken by an outsider.

According to Judi, this brings into question how “intimate” the teaser actually is.

She explained: “The only thing to remember is that this intimate and personal view of a love story entails at least three people for most of these illustrations.

“A couple of the photos could be selfies but the others would all have been performed in front of at least one camera, possibly a group of them, maybe even a full crew, which should technically have been painful for the notoriously private prince?”

In the teaser, Harry is heard saying that “no one sees what’s happening behind closed doors”, which “sounds intimate” but in what capacity, asked Judi.

She stated: “‘Behind closed doors’ sounds intimate but many of these poses are not intimate in the way that the average person would behave when totally alone with their partner, because someone else is there recording them and witnessing them.

“Body language always takes on a different spin when the scene pulls back and the cameras are revealed as an intrusive and affecting presence.”

She concluded: “We feel we are being given an exclusive peek into the secret lives of the celebrities or of the royals but of course their intimacy is already being invaded by someone snapping all the shots or even a film crew shooting all the moments.”

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