Meghan Markle ‘throws sprinkles on top’ to try ‘to sell it right’, claims expert

Body language expert Spidey analysed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s non-verbal communication on his YouTube channel The Behavioral Arts. The expert claimed that one of the scenes in the Harry and Meghan series was “fake” and “highly edited”, and opined that Meghan “threw some sprinkles” while talking about “sadness and fear” to try “to sell it right”.

The Behavioral Arts expert analysed Meghan’s speech while talking about the death threats she received.

He commented: “Meghan is talking about the threats on her life and she goes randomly ‘I’m a mum’. That’s a call for sympathy.

“That’s trying to get sympathy from all the moms, it doesn’t really belong in this. Eventually, she goes on to say ‘I’m scared, for my life and for my children’ and in that sense, it makes a lot more sense, she talks about all the things she’s concerned about.

“But when she is talking about that death threats, she just throws in that random ‘I’m a mom’, and I see it as a call for sympathy.”

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The body language expert opined that despite this, there is something “absolutely real” in that conversation and that can be seen in Meghan’s voice.

Meghan’s voice was quivering when she talked about it and that trembling in her voice shows that there is “a real fear and a real sadness”.

“Well, it would be hard to imagine not being sad or scared when receiving death threats. I think there was absolutely something real but it’s important for her to sell it right,” he commented.

The expert claimed that although “the base of it is real, she’s throwing some sprinkles on top and really trying to sell how emotional this is”.

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While talking about the Oprah interview and when Meghan was asked if there was a conversation within the Royal Family about “how dark her baby was going to be”, the expert expressed that this was the “most aggravating clip” that he saw in the entire series.

The body language guru claimed that the footage was edited and that he “immediately recognised that there was some tricky stuff going on”.

The Netflix series showed a clip of Harry answering Oprah’s question, but the expert explained that the answer that Harry gives “does not belong to that question and I’ve seen the Oprah interview numerous times enough to know that”.

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“The answer they show Harry give is not the answer to that question. Harry wasn’t even there when that question was asked!”

The body language guru claimed that the Netflix series decided to use the first question Oprah asked Meghan because it “is super dramatic” as opposed to when she later asked Harry.

Oprah asked Harry the same question 45 minutes later but they kept the audio from the presenter’s first question because it was more “dramatic”. 

About the conversation the Royal Family reportedly had about Archie, Harry answered: “That conversation I’m never going to share.”

In addition, the expert commented that the documentary doesn’t show original footage from the Oprah interview.

Instead, they “filmed it in a screen where we are kind of watching it through someone’s cupboard”, and that’s because “it’s highly edited” by cutting Meghan and Harry’s answers.

The expert added: “Why is this irritating me so much? Well because of the inauthenticity.

“We are getting clues here that these documentary makers have no problem misrepresenting things for dramatic effect.”

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