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Meghan Markle’s absence from King Charles’ Coronation has been a “blow for British fashion,” a top style expert has claimed.

Miranda Holder, a fashion stylist who has worked with celebrities such as singer Boy George, has recently posted a viral video about the impact of Meghan Markle’s absence from the Coronation, as the Duchess is known to bring some “Hollywood-style glamour” to royal events.

Miranda said: “Whether you are team Meghan or not, you can’t deny that her absence at the Coronation makes things a little bit less exciting, particularly on the fashion front.”

She went on to describe Meghan’s style, which is “more relaxed and natural” when compared to the “more sophisticated elegance of Kate Middleton.”

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Miranda added that Meghan “looks happiest and most radiant” when she is dressed in “ripped jeans [and] in an oversized shirt” as the fashion expert said the Duchess had a “Califonia cool approach to style.”

But, despite Meghan’s relaxed fashion, Miranda said that Meghan also knew how to dress for more formal occasions.

Miranda said: “[Meghan] does bring her own certain brand of glamour to big occasions, such as wearing super brand Dior to the Queen’s Jubilee, and this almost old Hollywood-style glamour definitely stands out against the rest of the more conservative British royals.

“They look lovely, but they have a completely different style and it just made it fun. A bit of variety and something for us all to look at and talk about.”

Miranda added that Meghan “literally clad herself in designer armour” for public occasions in order to “avoid the critical eye of the media and the public as she was getting more and more negative attention.”

Miranda has said that if Meghan had decided to attend the Coronation, it would have been “a very clever PR move.”

She explained the Duchess could have worn a “Big Britsh brand and give them some support” in order to earn “some much-appreciated PR.”

Miranda said: “It would have in turn given Meghan some positive PR which is definitely needed, and it’s all a bit of a win-win.”

However, Miranda added that “sadly despite all the positives here” Meghan will not be at the Coronation and so “we won’t get to see this scenario play out.”

The fashion expert ended on a positive note, and said: “Let’s hope there can be a reconciliation at some point in the future.”

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