Meghan uses secret signals to communicate with Harry in public


Meghan Markle deploys several different body language signals to capture Prince Harry’s attention in public, a body language expert has revealed.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Slots, behavioral analyst Darren Stanton said he’s spotted the very subtle tactic deployed by Meghan to catch her husband’s attention.

Prolonged eye contact and holding hands are among some of the Duchess’s preferred gestures for supporting her husband during public events, noted Stanton.

“When we see Meghan and Harry together we see prolonged eye contact, holding hands, physical contact – all signs of a genuine connection and deep rapport between them,” the expert explained.

“As much as Harry is protective over Meghan, we see Meghan acting as a source of reassurance for Harry.”

“She’ll often be seen placing her hand on his lower back when they are out together – a comforting gesture and a move she makes to show Harry her support.

“They tend to have secret signs with each other to signal actions.”

Going into more detail, Stanton explained Meghan relies on one particular signal to communicate to her husband that she wants to leave an event.

“The first one is that Meghan will put her hand on his elbow if she wants to leave certain situations,” explained the expert.

“If Harry is talking, when Meghan this his foot position will change indicating he is stepping awry from the conversation and moving direction.”

According to Stanton, the most frequently used signal between the pair is eye contact.

“There is a certain look that Meghan fives him when she wants to show her support and check in to see how Harry is feeling,” he said.

It’s been three months since the pair made a public appearance together at the awards ceremony in New York, after which they were involved in a ‘near catastrophic’ car chase, as per their spokesperson’s statement.

The pair is set to travel to Germany this month to attend the Invictus Games, with the Duke making a quick stopover in the UK to attend the Wellchild Awards.

A statement has confirmed that Markle will be joining her husband for the event, which is on September 9.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to attend the Invictus Games 2023 in Dusseldorf,” it read, according to People.


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