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A woman has managed to half her energy bill by switching her habits. Among the money saving measures to cut her monthly bill, Kerry Collinson, 51, decreased her monthly bill cooks on a camper stove.

With energy and gas bills on the rise, the commercial cleaner from Somerset knew she had to change her ways in order to decrease her bill.

By taking on these tips and tricks, Ms Collinson has slashed her household bill to only £95, less than half of what it has been previously.

At its highest, Kerry’s bill for her three-bedroom bungalow was £230 a month.

Since February she has resisted turning her central heating on in a bid to lower her electricity bill.

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She spends £1.20 a week on cooking after swapping out her induction hob for a camping stove.

Despite the cutbacks, Kerry explained that her “quality of life is just as good”, but she’s “saving a fortune”.

She said to Indy100: “I don’t want to cut back on the nice things I’ve worked hard for my whole life so greedy energy firms can put it in their pockets.”

Ms Collinson explained that she is very happy as she still has what she needs.


She does not need to give up the things she loves like going out for dinner or watching Netflix.

Kerry continued: “I’ve more than halved my energy bill, even before the price rise. We never put the central heating on, we got a log burner instead, and we use electric blankets when we’re cold.

“We never turn on the oven, and we stopped using the induction hob because I could see the smart meter literally spin every time I used it.

“So now I have two camping stoves and use an air fryer or a microwave for cooking – it costs me £1.20 for the whole week, whereas before, it would cost 70p per meal.”

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Another tip that Ms Collinson has used to cut costs is never turning her lights on in the evening.

She now depends on her solar lights that charge during the day, her log burner, and some chargeable tea lights.

By using a transportable solar panel, she can also charge essentials during the day instead of charging her phone and electrical items from the mains plug socket.

Ms Collinson said: “We started buying solar stuff in the summer because, with the war, we had a feeling that we should be prepared.

“So we bought lights, lanterns and a fold-up solar panel that charges our devices for free.

“We don’t use the oven anymore, and generally, day to day, we make sure all our lights are off and make sure everything’s unplugged when we don’t need it.”

At its highest, Kerry’s bill for her three-bedroom bungalow was £230, whereas she says it’s now only £95.

She said getting a log burner was ‘the best thing she’s ever done’, and many others are turning to that solution.

On Christmas Day she will use the oven to cook her turkey, potatoes, and other cuts of meat for the coming days.

Everything else will be cooked on the campfire stoves and in her air fryer to save money.

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