Mophie has three Qi2 magnetic wireless chargers on the way


Mophie just announced at IFA that it’s releasing three Qi2-compatible, 15W wireless smartphone chargers — the Snap Plus Powerstation Mini Stand ($69.95), the Snap Plus 3-in-1 stand ($129.95), and the Snap Plus wireless charging vent mount ($69.95) — starting later this year.

The Snap Plus Powerstation Mini Stand is a 5,000mAh portable battery with an aluminum kickstand and a USB-C port on the side. The company says it can do “true 15W” charging for a Qi2-compatible device, similar to Anker’s new MagGo battery pack. The Snap Plus 3-in-1 stand also offers 15-watt charging, and Mophie says it can simultaneously fast charge your smartphone, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

The new Snap Plus wireless charging vent mount looks like an updated version of one Mophie already makes, just with Qi2 charging and a higher price tag. The company is also releasing a simple magnetic Snap vent mount for $29.95 later this year with the same form factor, but without charging. Both use a ratcheting hook to attach to your car’s air vents.


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