‘Most intelligent’ zodiac sign according to an astrologist


In Western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs all with different personality traits and characteristics. According to one astrologer, Gemini is the smartest of the bunch.

Susan Taylor stated on astrology site Astrofame: “Gemini is always the top of the class and loves learning new things.”

This sign is naturally “curious” and always wants to learn. What’s more, Gemini is a master when it comes to “retaining information”.

Of all the zodiac signs, Gemini has the “highest IQ”, according to the astrologer.

Astrofame reads: “Natives of this sign have in fact won 97 Nobel Prizes in the last century, which is definitely an impressive feat.

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“Although you may not have been a star student back in your high school days, now is the time to make up for it and to embrace your skills!”

The second smartest zodiac sign according to astrologer Susan is Leo, as they are “very tuned in”.

Leo makes for a great public speaker which allows them to showcase their intelligence. However, they run the risk of appearing “big-headed”.

According to the astrologer, Aries is a very “logical” sign, with “sudden bursts of inspiration” too.

Capricorn is great at problem solving, as they are meticulous with a fabulous attention to detail.

However, their “systematic” and “structured” approach means they are often too “slow” – so they are not one to go to if you need help in a hurry.

According to the astrologer, Libra is “cautiously intellectual”, great at “weighing up all the options and coming to a conclusion that’s the best option for everyone”.

Aquarius is considered to have a “genius brain”, totally “creative” and able to think outside the box – “or are they just plain crazy?”.

Pisces’ intelligence lies in their dealings with other humans, as their emotional intellect is off the charts.

One of Cancer’s “best traits” is that they can “absorb information” like a sponge. However, this sign is not the best when it comes to looking at a problem from all angles.

According to Susan, Scorpio is the least smart of all the 12 zodiac signs. While they have incredible “mental strength”, this can come across as “intimidating” to others.


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