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Families could see sizeable savings when buying weekly essentials at Marks and Spencer by shopping around for the best value item.

There are several staple items people can reduce their costs on by switching from major brand to the M&S version, a cost-cutting duo has found.

George Waterhouse and Lizzie Marshall, co-founders of Dayze family calendar app, shared their tips for saving at the supermarket with The Sun.

Shoppers can save £9.78 by swapping several staple foods at the supermarket, and the duo said some of them even taste better.


Cheerios are a much-loved favourite for many families. The pair said they often swap Cheerios for the supermarket brand version.

They said they have tried several own-branded hoops but the M&S version stands out as their favourite.

Saving: £1.69

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The savers suggested replacing Hovis soft white bread with M&S super soft white, which is just as soft and tasty, according to the duo.

Saving: 60p

Baked beans

The pair said they have had experiences where own-brand beans were instantly spotted by their children as they can taste the difference. But the M&S version proved to be undetectable by their children.

Saving: 90p


They went out in search of an alternative to the sippy yoghurt pouches that are very popular with youngsters.

They swapped the Little Yeo Valley pouches for the M&S strawberry fromage frais version. Two out of three of the children said they preferred the M&S version.

Saving: £1.15


They managed to find an M&S alternative to the Heinz version but parents may need to decant the sauce into another bottle, or older children may detect the difference.

Saving: £2.50


The pair switched to an M&S brand and put them in a tea jar in the kitchen, so family and friends don’t know which brand they are.

They said the M&S version “passed the test” for price and taste.

Saving: £2.20


The M&S version of the chocolate digestive has good quality chocolate and good chocolate to biscuit ratio, the money-saving duo said.

The M&S version is cheaper and also provides more biscuits in the pack.

Saving: 74p

Cheese snacks

These are not actually the cheaper option, but the pair said they thought the M&S cheese tasters, an alternative option to Wotsits, taste better and cost only slightly more.

A big of six packs of cheese tasters cost 10p more than a comparable bag of six packs of Wotsits.

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