New M&S skincare range starts from just £8 but contains top skincare ingredients

Summer calls for fresh, hydrated skin and M&S’ new products are handy for building a routine and getting skin ready for the new season.

Good skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, and M&S has launched a new range of affordable products.

The brand’s beauty section has been growing, and while there are now a wide variety of other brands to shop on the website, it’s M&S’ own ranges that can’t be found anywhere else.

Following the success of the Formula ranges for men and women, the newest range is called Fresh Elements and it’s even more affordable.

All of the products in the range are £15 or cheaper, so it’s an inexpensive one-stop shop for a skincare routine, with key ingredients including hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and glycolic acid.

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The new release includes 17 products, divided into three sections – glow, clarify and hydrate.

The Glow range helps brighten lacklustre complexions using vitamin C, with 95 percent of product testers reporting that their skin looked brighter after using the products.

Glow range includes:

Dream Gleam Illuminating Cleanser, £12.50

Sunshine Tonic Glycolic Toner, £8.50

Ex-Glowliate Purifying Exfoliating Treatment, £9.50

Dream On Radiant Overnight Serum, £15

Light It Up Protecting Day Cream SPF25, £12.50

Twinkle All Day Brightening Eye Gel, £12.50

Night Night Brightening Night Cream, £12.50

The Clarify range’s key ingredient is AHA Mandelic Acid, and the aim of the range is to tackle blemishes and leave skin looking clearer.

Clarify range includes:

Jelly Fresh Skin Perfecting Jelly Cleanser, £9.50

No Pore Problems AHA Pore-Minimising Toner, £9.50

No Biggie Deep-Cleansing Clay Mask, £9.50

What Blemish? Blemish Control Gel, £9.50

Clear Out Refining Overnight Serum, £15

Need A Refresh? Oil-Free Moisturiser SPF30, £12.50

The Hydrate range has hyaluronic acid, which also features in many premium skincare products, and gives an instant moisture boost to leave skin soft and smooth.

Hydrate range includes:

Feeling Pristine Soothing Micellar Water £6

Yes You Dew! Refreshing Overnight Mask, £9.50

High Life Hydrating Daily Serum, £15

Non-Stop Dew Drops Ultra-Lightweight Facial Oil, £12.50

Refresher Daily Moisture Cream SPF30, £12.50

Soak Star Overnight Moisture Cream, £12.50

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