One in seven Brits feel tired ‘all the time’ – blaming stress and money worries


Millions of Brits admit they’re tired “all the time” – but struggle to get to sleep due to stress. A poll of 2,000 adults found they typically say “I’m tired” out loud three times a day – with one in ten saying the phrase five times or more.

General stress (42 percent), work (29 percent), money worries (24 percent), and relationship issues (19 percent) were the top things keeping them up all night.

And more than one in ten (14 percent) constantly feel weary.

However, 63 percent try to avoid stress triggers right before going to bed, with 60 percent blaming these for their inability to sleep.

Reading a book (22 percent), and switching phones off completely (17 percent), are some of the most popular ways to de-stress at night.

And 30 percent have left their phone on charge in another room overnight, to stop them looking at it too close to lights-out.

Dr Ranj Singh, sleep and wellness ambassador at Furniture Village, which commissioned the research as part of its campaign for a better night’s sleep, said: “There’s a lot going on which can impact our sleep – especially right now.

“Being awake can be stressful enough, and if you’re not getting the sleep you need to recharge your brain and body, that can have a serious long-term impact.

“Having disjointed sleep every now and then isn’t unusual – but if it’s every night, you will find your energy levels dwindling, and your ability to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life will significantly reduce.”

The research also found one in five find it difficult – if not impossible – to pinpoint exactly why they have had a bad night’s sleep.

But Brits believe they need seven hours and 15 minutes of kip each night to be fully functional – with just one in ten feeling like they get “more than enough”.

Instead, the average adult reckons they fail to get the requisite number of hours on three nights out of seven each week.

As a result, 54 percent of sleep-deprived citizens reported feeling irritable due to tiredness, and will have two naps a week to supplement their sleep.

It also emerged that when tired, 32 percent have eschewed healthy food and turned to junk items instead, and 24 percent have had an argument with their partner.

And 22 percent have even burst into tears due to being overtired, while 20 percent have succumbed to illness.

But one in four adults polled, via OnePoll, have been so concerned about their ongoing tiredness, that they’ve seen a doctor or medical professional.

Dr Ranj, who has created top tips to combat stress for those wanting a perfect night of sleep, added: “The things keeping Brits awake at night are a mix of mental and physical.

“It’s difficult to sleep if you’re in a noisy or stimulating environment, if you’re uncomfortable, or your pillow and mattress aren’t providing the right support.

“In fact, 58 percent of people said having a decent mattress was very important when it comes to making sure they have a good night’s sleep.

“People aren’t averse to trying to improve their physical sleeping conditions either, with 28 percent getting new pillows, while 24 percent had got a new mattress.

“But similarly, many issues are psychological – stress, work, or money worries, or problems in your relationship, can also have people staring at the ceiling during the witching hour.”


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