Optical illusion goes viral for determining how prone you are to loneliness


The detail you spot first in this optical illusion could determine how prone you are to feeling lonely, a viral clip has revealed.

The mind test, presented by @psychologylove100, was shared on TikTok with a supportive mind analysis about different types of characters.

Like other most other quizzes on the TikToker’s page, the picture is designed to trick the mind into seeing some details while concealing others.

The black-and-white drawing depicts a whale floating in the universe, while a surfer rides down the lip of a wave, and a moon sits in the background.

“If you saw the moon first in the image, this may reveal a tendency to feel lonely,” explained the TikToker. “As you find it difficult to break down your emotional walls.

The psychology whizz explained that these people typically feel a need for intimacy, as they believe it will help them grow emotionally.

“However, when it comes to lowering your defenses and letting others into your life you’re not too keen on opening up completely,” he added.

One of the main hurdles may be a fear of vulnerability and the risk of being hurt emotionally, which leads to the development of self-protection mechanisms.

Meanwhile, if your eyes were immediately drawn to the whale, this could mean that you’re constantly striving to achieve big goals in your life.

“It’s not that you’re a selfish person, but rather that you have important goals and ambitions for yourself,” explained the brainteaser aficionado.

“You know that love sometimes involves putting another’s needs above your own, but you’re not quite ready to make that compromise yet.”

When you are so hellbent on making your aspirations a reality, you end up putting greater demands on yourself and others around you.

Last but not least, there’s the surfer.

“If you saw the surfer first in the image, it may reveal that you’re lonely because you’re afraid of becoming emotionally attached,” explained @psychologylove100.

These people tend not to see love as something liberating but rather associate it with intimidation, as it involves surrendering part of their individuality.

“When love starts to get serious you tend to withdraw and keep an emotional distance,” added the TikToker.

The message about loneliness was well received by viewers, many of whom claimed that they

“Wow that is so true I saw the whale and then the surfer,” wrote one viewer, voicing an opinion echoed by many others in the comments.


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