Optical illusion is ‘scarily accurate’ and shows who is super kind or scared to open up


A fun and quick personality test has bewildered people by being “scarily accurate” as it can determine who is more open or closed off when it comes to romance.

With the end of summer approaching, many people are getting into the autumn spirit and this spooky optical illusion of either a moon or a smiling face has exploded in popularity online.

This artwork was first shared by Mia Yilin, an optical illusion specialist, on her TikTok account @mia_yilin. Mia has urged people to quickly look at the picture, and whatever they see first may reveal something about their personality.

Mia’s video has amazed people with its accuracy, and social media users have quickly taken to her comment section to ask how she was able to read them so well.

One person wrote: “This is scary accurate while another commentator said: “Why is every video spot on? She reads me like a book.”

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Smiling face

This optical illusion should be able to tell you something about how you approach relationships, and if you saw a smiling face at first glance then you are considered a very compassionate person by your loved ones.

Mia said: “You are someone who is super kind and considerate. You always try to think the best of others and are quick to forgive.”

However, Mia also believes she is able to pinpoint some of your biggest fears when it comes to relationships.

She said: “What makes you most upset is when people accuse you of something you didn’t do and one of your biggest fears is never being able to find someone who truly understands you.”


If you first saw the moon when you looked at the picture, then you are someone extremely passionate and romantic when it comes to their relationships, but may be frightened about being vulnerable with loved ones.

Mia said: “You are a hopeless romantic. You feel emotions very deeply, and you have a lot of love to give. Except you’re scared to fully open yourself up because you’re not sure if you can trust another with your vulnerable heart.”

Every day may feel like a rollercoaster to you because you feel things so intensely. Mia explained: “Because you are so passionate, every day you experience a lot of emotional highs and lows.

“When you’re happy, you can feel so great that you can’t sit still, but once you’re sad you submerge yourself into such a gut-wrenching depressive state that you wonder if you will ever recover.”


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