Parents’ top tips to help excitable children get to sleep on Christmas Eve

Another 13 percent warn “The Elf on the Shelf” is still watching to make sure they drop off before midnight, according to the poll of 2,000 parents with kids aged 3-12.

And 17 percent will read a special Christmas story on the night of December 24th to help kids into bed.

But half of parents (51 percent) think their child will struggle to go to sleep on Christmas Eve no matter what – due to the excitement of the day ahead, and wanting to see Santa.

It also emerged a third of children were worried Santa wouldn’t be able to find them if they were staying away from home on Christmas Eve.

The research was commissioned by Premier Inn, which has created a special hotel key card and door hanger for Santa, to help kids rest easy and reassure them he can still visit if they are spending Christmas Eve away from home.

Santa’s sleigh will also have its own special reserved space right outside hotels with car parks on Christmas Eve.

A spokesman for the hotel chain said: “Our hotels don’t have chimneys, so some kids are, understandably, worried about how Santa will be able to visit them when they are away from home and staying in one of our hotel rooms.

“We’re happy to do all we can to reassure kids on the most important night of the year that nothing will get between them and their presents, including with our special Santa key.

“Being away for Christmas to see family and friends is exciting, but we know it’s so important to have those comforting Christmas Eve traditions and rituals wherever you are.

“Of course, like any of our guests from all over the world and every walk of life, we want Santa’s visit, however fleeting, to be as easy as possible, so we’ve put a few things in place for him too.”

The research also found that, of those who sometimes spent the season somewhere else, 34 percent of kids don’t mind where they spend Christmas, while 39 percent actively like the idea of going away.

To reassure kids, 40 percent of parents will send Santa an amended delivery address, while a third will research local traditions if they’re going further afield.

Nearly a tenth (eight percent) will even bring a special sign wherever they’re going, to help Santa and his reindeer know where to touch down.

Throughout Christmas Eve, 38 percent will make sure the day is filled with active play, so kids are shattered by bedtime.

And one in three will limit how many sweet treats kids have, to avoid an evening sugar rush, according to the OnePoll figures.

Premier Inn has worked with Gentle Baby & Child Sleep Consultant, Andrea Grace, to create some top tips for parents to help their kids drop off on the big night.

She said: “Even adults can remember the excitement of Christmas Eve – but as they get older, and as a parent, the Christmas sleep schedule can be a stressful experience.

“It’s important to try and put yourself in your child’s shoes on December the 24th and keep the magic alive, while making sure everyone gets enough rest to enjoy Christmas day.

“Ensuring your kids go to bed at a reasonable time is challenging, even without the excitement of waking up to gifts the next day.

“Instead of getting annoyed or threatening Santa won’t visit, try creating a calm atmosphere, reassuring them sleep will come eventually, so they can relax.

“If they’re still struggling to sleep, you can read them a book or make them a warm drink to help them nod off naturally.

“For many kids, it’s the single most exciting night of the year, and it’s no wonder they have trouble dropping off.

“Planning ahead to ensure you’re equipped to help your little one’s sleep is essential for a peaceful night.

“Staying away from sugary food, getting enough exposure to daylight, and sticking to routine, all play a key part in making sure everyone gets enough shut-eye before the big day.

“And don’t forget to go to bed early yourself, as Christmas Day will be a very busy one for you.”

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