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The owner of an art gallery says she’s “mortified” after The Last Of Us and Narcos star Pedro Pascal turned up to see an exhibition about himself – and couldn’t get in.

The show – ADHD Hyper Fixation And Why It Looks Like I Love Pedro Pascal – is on display at the Rhodes Gallery in Margate.

Artist Heidi Gentle Burrell, who has created 14 images of the actor, said it would be “very special” if the Hollywood star returned so she can “reassure him that I’m not obsessed”.

After spending “more than six months staring at his face” it would be great to meet him, she added.

Pascal, 48, arrived at the gallery on Sunday with actor Russell Tovey and Robert Diament, who runs another gallery in Margate. Tovey and Diament present a podcast called Talk Art.

The trio took a selfie outside the Rhodes – but that’s as far as they got as the gallery was closed.

Another of the pictures. Pic: Heidi Gentle Burrell/Rhodes Gallery
Another of the pictures. Pic: Heidi Gentle Burrell/Rhodes Gallery

Jessica Rhodes Robb, who owns and runs the venue with her partner Gavin Blake, told Sky News she was “mortified” they got no further than the front door.

The couple have small children and take Sundays off to spend time as a family.

The missed opportunity has not been without its benefits, however.

The trio’s selfie, which they posted on Instagram, has attracted lots of publicity.

Sales of the images have picked up and Heidi Gentle Burrell is “ecstatic”, Ms Rhodes Robb said, adding that while the artist is not “obsessive” about Pascal, she “definitely likes the guy”.

The show, which runs until 1 September, is getting “huge attention”, Ms Rhodes Robb added.

Heidi Gentle Burrell said it was a “shame” that Pascal hadn’t got in but it was a “lovely feeling” that he and his friends were aware of the exhibition.

She added: “There’s a part two to the show coming soon which we’d actually arranged even before he went along to see it, so there’ll be all new stuff.

“I’ve got loads of pictures in my house [and am] currently working on more. There’ll be more towards the end of September so fingers crossed, you never know. He [Pascal] might come back and see that one.”

Ms Burrell said the project began when she was watching Pascal in Game Of Thrones and The Last Of Us.

“At the time, I had ADHD and I was just watching him in a lot of stuff and I thought actually he’s got an incredibly interesting face,” she said.

“I understand why some people think it is an obsession but, from a drawing point of view, he’s got interesting characteristics to his face.”

It would be “fantastic” if he returned so she could “bore him all about ADHD and reassure him that I’m not obsessed, that it is just part of my fixation”, she said.


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