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Many people don’t know what benefits they are entitled to and how much this could help them to afford rising bills.

While Mr and Mrs Kelly were very proud of managing their money for the past 45 years and they tried to cope with their pension and disability benefits, they were among those missing out on funds they were entitled to.

When their energy bills became too much to handle, they reached out to the Let’s Talk Fund.

The Charis Let’s Talk Energy Fund has been designed for households struggling to pay their energy bills to receive a range of support.‌

The advisor there signposted the couple to IncomeMax for help as they thought they may be able to boost their benefits.

Their IncomeMax advisor immediately recognised from their circumstances that Mr and Mrs Kelly were missing two severe disability premiums within their Pension Credit.

They got to work on a call with DWP and their weekly allowance was increased by £124. The IncomeMax advisor also gave them the forms to apply for backdated pay.

After a few weeks, Mr and Mrs Kelly were awarded £16,086. They were shocked they were eligible for much, but relieved they could pay their bills. This increased their annual income that year to £24,382.

Digital transformation (DT) has enabled more struggling Britons to access 25 percent more new annual income. Mortgage costs have soared as well as interest rates, causing pressure for households already struggling with managing costs.

Currently, more than 10 million adults are struggling with bills and credit repayments, but with £19billion in unclaimed benefits that people don’t know they’re entitled to, IncomeMax has been helping Britons find over £38million in extra income.

In some cases, the grants and financial support IncomeMax can unlock are enough to pay the bills, replace an appliance or make important lifestyle changes.

For others, it might be over £20,000 in backdated benefits which can be used to relieve the pressure on carers or make much-needed home improvements.

People start by completing a confidential assessment either online or over the phone with one of IncomeMax’s advisers.

After a few days, advisors will explain what or if any benefits are available. Over 80 percent of their customers qualify for extra income.

They partner with the UK’s leading utility and financial service organisations to help their customers through money problems and debt.

If people are struggling and have spoken to their banks and energy providers, it may be worth asking if they can be referred to the scheme.

IncomeMax approached technology consulting company Slalomto streamline their online customer input from the company’s previous phone call and manual calculation system – so that they would be better able to support those struggling.

Leigh Thompson, Director of Services at IncomeMax said: “Our work with Slalom has allowed us to support seven percent more households in the five months since it was introduced, with around £2.5million in previously unclaimed income going to those that need it.  

“Currently more than 10 million adults are struggling with bills and credit repayments, and with over £19billion in unclaimed benefits, services that support Brits in realizing extra income are more important than ever.

This project has seen us streamline our processes and maximise the opportunity to help people that need it. Slalom’s fiercely human approach and mutual values were important in our decision to partner with them for this project.”

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