‘People insist I should hide in a cave for the way by bum looks’


A woman who claims she has the bottom of “Hank Hill” has clapped back at haters who lurk on her TikTok page to criticize her looks.

Chloe Xandria hit back at brutal remarks she receives online in a hilarious video that pokes fun at her body, claiming it causes her “no shame”.

The woman’s video was a response to a prior comment left on one of her videos, which read: “That was a str8 violation. I would delete all social media and go live in a Cave if it were me.”

Xandria was having none of it, however, and took to the video sharing to demonstrate just how unaffected she was by her haters’ opinion of her.

“I was blessed with a low butt crack and a flat butt, but you know what? They all look the same bent over,” she cleverly said in the video.

“So if you were blessed with a han kill body, have no shame. My ass could be flatter than a business card and you still wouldn’t get any.”

Viewers raced to laugh with the content creator at her ingenious response, with one writing: “I just violently spit out my tea. You made me laugh so hard.”

“Okay that has to be the best comeback at the end,” wrote another person.

A third person joked: “I hear someone say “even a pancake is a cake” and I thought that was beautiful”.

The body shaming incident is one of thousands that plague TikTok on a daily basis, with a similar case reported by Julie Evlorentzen in 2022.

The influencer, who claimed she has the “flattest bottom in the universe,” was also constantly slated by trolls over her appearance.

“We all know I have the flattest bum in the universe,” she said in a clip while showing pictures of what her behind looks like in swimwear.

“It isn’t offensive, you don’t have to tell me you see a curve – it’s flat and it’s cute.”

Instead of leaving it at that, the influencer admitted she was hiring a personal trainer to work on improving the appearance of her behind.

While trolls ran rampant in the comment section of her video, other views insisted that the influencer helped give them more confidence about their own pancake derrieres.


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