Perfume hack helps fragrance to ‘last all day long’ – even in hot weather

It can be frustrating to find the perfect scent only to then realise that it’s not a long-lasting formula.

Whether it be a fruity fragrance or a musky vanilla, certain perfumes can wear off more rapidly than others for no good reason.

Eau de parfum typically lasts longer than toilette Eau de because of the high oil concentration, but even then, different brands may perform better than others.

While some people say the key is in the way it is applied to the skin, experts at Parfumery revealed that it’s actually down to where the bottle is stored.

The perfume sample specialists urged Britons to move their aromatic bottles to a cold spot in order to “smell gorgeous all day long”.

They said: “You should be cautious in deciding where you store your perfumes, as many factors can cause the scent to change purely based on whether they are sat in direct sunlight and how humid the area is.

“Putting your perfume in the fridge is a great way to keep your perfumes at a cool temperature, therefore maintaining the aroma within the scent.

“It also works as a great way to enhance any fresh notes that may be in your perfume such as lemon, mint, and bergamot.”

Of course, a designated cosmetics fridge is ideal for those with a large collection of perfumes, but in most cases, a spot in the door shelves will do.

The perfume specialists noted that if putting fragrances is a “step too far”, people should still make sure to store the bottles in a cool and dry place such as a drawer or cupboard in a cooler room.

This is especially important in the warm summer months and will help fragrances to stay at their best for years.

When the time comes to apply the chilled perfume, there are a few extra steps that can be taken to maximise the longevity of the scent.

One tip suggested by the perfume sample specialists was to use petroleum jelly as “a physical aid”. They said: “Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to your skin before applying the fragrance. The jelly will lock in the scent and help it to last all day, especially if applied to pulse points.”

Another trick is to layer up with body lotions that match the perfume, which can often be purchased in gift sets or separately for a fraction of the cost of the scent itself.

The experts said: “If you apply the perfume in the morning, why not take a hand cream or lotion that is in the same scent in your bag to use during the day? This will save you money as you will not need to keep re-applying the perfume, saving you the product.”

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