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Reports of seven-foot flying aliens that “ate faces” in Peru looks likely to have been a hoax.

A new report from the Daily Mail reveals that what the villagers thought were the ‘pelacaras,’ (the face eaters) were actually members of an illegal gold mining syndicate hailing from different parts of Central and South America.

Amongst the syndicates are the ‘O Primeiro Comando da Capital,’ from Brazil, Colombia’s ‘Clan del Golfo,’ and the FARC. 

Peruvian officials made the announcement after they were called to the area earlier this month after receiving reports of being under attack by the villagers of the small town near the Nanay River.

These “gold mafia” groups have been ejected from their own countries by their respective militaries, according to Peruvian officials, and have now descended on Peru to hunt for gold illegally.

The mining cartels have already destroyed more than 110 gold dredges and at least 10 criminal mining camps. 

The Ikitu population has largely remained remote, despite that area being in an advantageous part of the country that allows for extensive gold deposits to accumulate, making it a literal ‘gold rush’ for wannabe prospectors. 

But what’s unclear is whether the Ikitu population in the area was aware of these criminal activities. 

“They would be using state-of-the-art technology, such as thrusters that allow people to fly,” Carlos Castro Quintanilla, the Peruvian government’s prosecutor investigating the case, said, per the Mail. 

The illegal mining gangs are clearly using sophisticated technology to propel in and out of the area.

Or, it’s possible it was all one big hoax. 

Peruvian officials are still investigating, as of this writing.


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