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The next Premium Bonds draw, and the first for 2023, is getting closer and savers will be waiting to find out if they have been lucky. As savers await the January 2023 prize draw, NS&I has shared the story of one winner who was in “disbelief” at his staggering win. 

James* was contacted out of the blue on a sunny Friday in August by the Government-backed savings company.

They asked if he could meet that afternoon, but James was sceptical and wary this could be a scam.

After checking the contact was genuine, James had a nervous wait, checking if his money was safe – which it was.

He was then met at his workplace by NS&I’s Agent Million – the worker whose job it is to deliver the jackpot prize to lucky winners.

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They have paid off their mortgage, renovated their kitchen as planned, and are investing towards their family’s future.

James told NS&I: “The win has given me and my family stability and we know how lucky we are to be able to do things if and when we want.”

The first Premium Bonds draw of 2023 is now days away, and the next results will be available on January 4.

NS&I recommends people use the prize checker on their website, as all they will need is their holder’s number, which can be found on a Bond record, or by logging into one’s account.

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The NS&I prize checker app also allows savers to use their holder number to check their prizes. 

Those with an Amazon Alexa can enable the Premium Bonds prize checking skill, to find out if they have won with ease.

The device can tell Britons:

  • Whether or not they have won a prize each month;
  • How much;
  • When the next prize draw is; and
  • If one has any unclaimed prizes.

In December, two millionaires were created by the latest Premium Bonds prize draw.

The first was from the Highlands and Islands, winning with the Bond number 414XW486235.

The value of the Bond was £20,000, and they purchased this in September 2020.

The second millionaire won with the Bond number 159FZ477948, and is from Wandsworth.

They purchased the winning Bond for £5,000, back in August 2009.

NS&I’s prize fund was worth £218million, paying out over 4.9 million prizes in December 2022.

*name changed by NS&I, to protect identity.

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