Prince Harry is ‘in a good place’ during ‘confident’ solo trip to Asia


Prince Harry showed he was “calm and confident” and “in a good place,” as he arrived in Tokyo earlier this week, a body language expert claimed.

The Duke of Sussex joined the Argentinian polo player Nacho Figueras at Haneda Airport in Tokyo and looked “happy” before departing for Singapore, the expert suggested.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren Stanton opined: “As he arrived in Japan, Harry’s body posture appeared very relaxed and he clearly felt at ease in public.

“He was dressed laid back and it’s as if he could be any normal guy. This proves that Harry feels just as comfortable dressed in a polo shirt as he would in a suit.

“His shoulders were down, and his posture was upright, which tells us he was feeling content in himself and wasn’t holding anything back.

“He also wasn’t closing anyone off and he didn’t look nervous or tense in the slightest, as we saw him attending the event on his own.”

Harry appeared alone at the airport without his wife of five years Meghan Markle, but Mr Stanton claimed he was “calm and confident”.

He explained: “Harry’s smiles with everyone were completely authentic and genuine. His whole face lit up as he walked through the airport.

“He showed he was engaged with himself and everyone he was meeting, which suggests he is very happy and couldn’t be in a better place.

“His facial expressions also displayed a sense of relief. It’s known that Harry loves to go to these events and speak to people and give his support.

“It’s clear he’s in his happy place. Harry came across as calm and confident in himself. He wasn’t putting his hands in his pockets, or trying to distract himself.”

The Duke of Sussex appeared to have no “pressure or drama” as he touched down in Tokyo, according to Mr Stanton.

He suggested: “We later saw Harry being joined by ISPS Handa’s founder Haruhisa Handa, ex-New Zealand rugby player Dan Carter and Nacho Figueras on stage at the summit.

“Harry was seen smiling and laughing, which proves that he felt absolute joy at that moment in time. His mouth was open and his eyes were fully wide, and that is the epitome of genuine happiness.

“He was having fun and felt at ease without pressure or drama. He was really enjoying being in that environment.

“We also saw Harry looking down at Haruhisa Handa – showing he was unconsciously mirroring him. This shows they have built a great friendship through their body language.

“I can tell there is a great level of trust between them through their strong eye contact. Their body postures were also matched completely, which shows they’re on the same level as each other.”


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