Prince Harry news: Finally ‘relaxing’ into a ‘happy’ life with Meghan


Prince Harry’s style is now “less formal” and more “laid back” due to his new life in America it has been claimed. The Duke of Sussex seems to now be “relaxing a little bit”, which is a good sign he’s happy, an expert said.

Miranda is an acclaimed stylist who has worked with celebrities such as Boy George and the girl band Little Mix, and enjoys giving her expertise on royal trends on social media, such as her TikTok and YouTube Channel.

The fashion expert explained in an interview with the Express that Harry has become “less formal” now that he lives in America, and she explained why that was.

Miranda said: “He’s not doing [royal] appointments. Sure, he has business meetings and things, but it is perfectly acceptable to do many business meetings in the US in jeans, an open-neck shirt or even a polo shirt.”

Miranda added that Harry has “become more laid back” as a result of stepping away from royal duties.

She said: “He’s still smart, I still think Harry generally dresses very well, but it’s less formal. It’s less rigid. Even if he does wear a suit, he’s popped back and unbuttoned.”

Since Harry has moved to America, he and Meghan have released a Netflix documentary in which the royal couple explained they left the UK due to a complicated relationship with the British media.

On living in America, Harry said: “I came here because I’ve changed. I’d outgrown my environment,” and also mentions he believes his mother, Princess Diana, may have ended up living in Califonia.

The Duchess of Sussex also explained what her life is now like in Califonia. Near the end of the final episode, Meghan says: “A part of what’s beautiful here is the freedom to have family moments out in the world, and I want our kids to be able to do that and to be able to travel and to fall in love. I just want them to be happy.”

The fashion expert also agreed that Harry seemed happier, and his wardrobe was a sign of this. Miranda said: “He’s relaxing a little bit, which is lovely to see. You know, if everything is true with the documentary, etc, they’ve had a really tough time.

“Personally, I just want everyone to be happy, so I hope this is a good sign that he is happy.”


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