Prince William displays gesture of ‘attraction’ to Kate Middleton


Jesús Enrique Rosas – aka The Body Language Guy – shared an important insight about Kate Middleton and Prince William on his YouTube channel. The body language expert spotted a subtle gesture of “attraction” the Prince made towards his wife.

But it was one particular look that can tell royal fans a lot about their relationship, according to the expert.

He referenced a moment that “everyone spotted”, when William appeared to bite his lip and glance down at his wife.

Jesús said: “This kind of gaze can be mistaken for just lowering your eyes or drifting your eyes away.

“But the trick is to spot that in this instance, William’s eyes make a full stop on Kate’s neck and a little bit lower.”

When it comes to Kate and William, Jesús noticed a similarity in “rhythm of gestures, poise and even similar strides”.

The expert assured royal fans that even when people have had body language training, they do retain their personality.

“It’s not that you become a robot but more that you learn how to act properly.

“That’s why even if they are not allowed public displays of affection, you can still spot the way William and Kate look at each other every time they can.”

Commenting on The Body Language Guy’s video, royal fans commented on the happy couple.

YouTube user Asiatic American Flower stated: “William looked so proud of Catherine at 007 Premiere. Their eyes sparkled when they look at each other. They are so in sync and fall in love for each other.”

User BarHarborSunrise added: “What a knockout. William looked in awe of her grace and beauty. She doesn’t walk, she glides! What a lovely example of the Royal Family and lovers all over the world.”

Jesús Enrique Rosas is a body language expert and human behaviour explorer known as The Body Language Guy. He runs a body language course called The Knesix Code.


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