Prince William’s astrology chart ‘speaks volumes’ to the type of King he could be

Prince William is the next heir to the British throne, and in upcoming years, he will cement his position further. A pop culture astrologer took a look at the birth chart of the Prince of Wales and what traits he has that will impact him as King one day.

Prince William was born on June 21, 1982, making him a “sensitive Cancer Sun with a Cancer Moon”, astrologer Kyle Thomas said. The Cancer Moon was a new moon which lends to an emotional side.

The time of his birth was 9:03PM, London, England, adding a “passionate Saggitarius Ascendant” to the mix.

When it comes to what elements the royal has, apparently he possesses strong Water and Air energy, which means “he is able to tap into his emotional centre and approach life from an intellectual and analytical perspective”.

In terms of his birth chart, Kyle said his “jaw dropped” when he saw it, and this was the same reaction he had when he looked at Queen Elizabeth II’s birth chart.

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Longer down the line, the British monarch will experience “great change” and Kate and William will “play a key factor”.

As for what this year will bring for the Prince, Cancers are set to be focused on “work and career”.

Hard work and dedication are going to be rewarded, but those with the star sign Cancer like Prince William should “be sure to find time for family”.

There are said to be a “few bumps in the road” when it comes to career, but a “positive and quick to action attitude will dissolve them”.

When it comes to relationships, a “busy workload can take a toll” so effort must be maintained, astrologer Janelle Palibrk told the Daily Mail.

She also suggested “prioritising those you love” and being kind to them.

The best months of the year for a Cancer are said to be November and December.

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