Prince William’s ‘romantic’ compliment to Kate Middleton shows he has ‘serious charisma’


Prince William has been praised for the sweet compliment he gave his wife Princess Kate while on a walkabout, and one expert says that the moment proves that the Prince of Wales has been “developing some serious charisma recently.”

Judi James is a communication and body language expert who has analysed a video of William and Kate’s visit to Birmingham last week.

The Prince and Princess of Wales greeted members of the public while attending royal engagements in the city, and one fan shook William’s hand and told him: “That is an amazing outfit Kate has got on!”

In a video that was posted to social media by Free Radio News, William can be seen smiling and responded: “Aww…she always looks stunning. Thank you.”

Judi viewed the moment and pointed out that the crowd immediately responded to the praise with “draws of ‘Awww’” as a signal of approval, and that the crowd was registering “just how romantic [William] sounded and looked.”

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Judi said that William’s time in Birmingham has helped illustrate his charismatic side and how easily he is able to speak to a crowd.

She said: “[William is] immersing himself in the crowds more, bending right in and using prolonged eye contact as well as moving easily into poses for selfies and developing a more chatty, personal style of conversation.”

William’s response to the fan’s comment about Kate was also “spontaneous and speedy enough to sound and look genuine” according to the body language expert.

Judi said: “He almost seems to be taking the role of one of the fans and admiring Kate from afar.”

William’s body language showed no signs of using a “punchline” like an eye-roll or sarcastic grin, and Judi said he genuinely seemed “awe” of Kate, making the moment “a romantic statement.”

Judi pointed out that the public moment was significant due to the breakdown of the marriage between William’s parents, King Charles and Princess Diana.

She said: “His father’s relationship with the equally stunning Diana was blighted by Charles’s jealousy at being eclipsed.”

This made William’s moment in Birmingham “even more important and poignant” according to the body language expert.

Judi finished her analysis by saying: “William sees what the fans see when they look at Kate. [He] is happy to vocalize it without any banter or any body language signals of envy.”

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