Princess Anne’s body language ‘signalled impatience to be gone’ at second wedding

Princess Anne, 72, and Timothy Laurence, 67, tied the knot on December 12, 1992, in Scotland, exactly 30 years ago today. They married in a small ceremony at a Church of Scotland church at Crathie Kirk, near Balmoral.

The Princess Royal had to get married in the Church of Scotland as she was a divorcee, and remarriage after divorce was not permitted in the Church of England at the time.

Wedding photos emerged from the day showing Anne’s two children, Peter and Zara Phillips, and also Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth in attendance.

Judi James spoke exclusively to to analyse Anne’s body language with Timothy on the day, and whether or not it was different to her first wedding to Captain Mark Phillips.

She said: “At the time this marriage was seen by the traditionalists as slightly shocking or controversial, resulting in a very practical, low-key and slightly brusque affair.

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“The royals piled out of Range Rovers and the bride only used eye contact on her groom once to signal it was time to end the wedding photos.”

According to Judi, Princess Anne made “deliberate” choices during her second wedding so that it would be the complete opposite of her first.

She commented: “Anne had done her Disney Princess wedding to Mark Phillips and this second marriage was kept deliberately quiet, in a small chilly church with only a handful of bystanders waiting outside.

“Anne’s body language was less like a bride’s and more like a royal on one of her regular royal visits. Low on signals of romance, she chatted to the churchmen outside.


“When she came out, her eyebrow flash while the photos were being taken signalled impatience to be gone.

“She exited in a signature un-fussy way in the passenger seat of a Range Rover, with her husband driving and her children in the back.”

According to Judi, Anne and Timothy’s body language together has not changed since their wedding day 30 years ago.

She explained: “We were given no body language hint of her feelings toward Timothy or any clue to his character or personality and in many ways, the same is true today.

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Judi argues that Anne “pandered to traditionalists” in some ways with her second wedding.

She suggested: “Anne might have toned down the touch rituals and the wedding day kiss was absent to pander to traditionalists, but her excited eye expression gave a hint of her inner emotions.

“That rather sweet smile was in place for the formal photos too. The stoic and usually non-expressive woman looked delighted and happy.

“Her slightly lowered head and self-diminished body posture suggested she was very very nearly made shy by the strength of her love.”

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