Princess Diana was visibly ‘at peace’ on her 36th birthday, says expert

Diana, Princess of Wales would have celebrated her 62nd birthday today on July 1, 2023.

On her final birthday, the young royal turned 36 and celebrated by attending a gala dinner in honour of the Tate Gallery’s centenary.

The public outing became renowned for Diana’s eye-catching outfit when she stepped out in a black evening gown by Jacques Azagury, but also for the Princess’ joyous demeanour.

After a turbulent period following her public divorce from King Charles, who was Prince Charles at the time, many noticed the royal’s beaming smile and radiant glow.

According to body language expert Judi James, the memorable moment was symbolic of young Diana making “peace” with her past.

Speaking exclusively to, Judi claimed that this was easy to see by the “sparkle” in the former Princess of Wales’ eyes.

She said: “Diana’s eyes were the most expressive part of her body, showing her emotions like a mood board throughout her marriage to Charles and beyond.

“From the age of 19, she had always seemed to have an expression of vulnerability and sadness as an ongoing option. Even when she smiled that doe-eyed look would tend to be there as a fall-back.”

However, the moment captured by photographers at the 1997 gala showed a significant shift in Diana’s life prospects.

The mannerisms expert said: “By this time in her life though her eyes were sparkling and sustaining a congruent eye smile.

“Her chin is up here, rather than lowered in that signature ‘shy-Di’ look and her confidence levels look at the highest they had been in her life.

“It was as though she had discovered her inner steel and developed as an independent woman rather than a young bride and tragic wife.”

Judi went as far as to claim that “everything” about the presence of the young royal looked purposeful, suggesting that the Princess had hope.

She said: “Everything about her here looked like her own choice, from the stunning dress to the sensational body shape after so many years of an eating disorder, and she looked genuinely at peace with her past.

“Her body poses, with her arms held away from her torso to create the important ‘up-turned V’ gap under the armpits, which is a splay associated with genuine confidence, had evolved so far from the love-struck girl she used to be.

“Her first official appearance after her engagement involved another revealing, low-cut black dress that she had worn with awkward discomfort but here she was clearly aware that every inch of her outfit flattered her in exactly the right way, and she was finally confident enough to carry it off.

“She looked healthy, happy and in control of her life at last at this important moment.”

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