Princess Eugenie ‘sets example’ in Royal Family with unique parenting


Raising a baby plastic-free is not easy as there is so much waste involved including wipes, nappies, clothes and toys. Baby and parenting expert Rachel FitzD revealed some of the clever hacks and other daily routines Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank may follow to raise their son August plastic-free and encouraged other parents to do “what the Princess is doing, setting an example for her children and us”.

Princess Eugenie said while being interviewed at the World Economic Forum in Davos: “At home, we have no plastic, we try to as much as possible have no plastic and I’m trying to teach him [August] that. But it’s a battle.”

The parenting expert explained: “For those of us who do not have the sort of income that royals enjoy, there are many ways we can do our bit for the planet without it breaking the bank.”

In terms of nappies, for instance, the expert suggested that Princess Eugenie may use “reusable nappies” as the item, which can’t be recycled, “contributes to a huge amount of landfill”.

Washable nappies, which “are made from unbleached cotton or bamboo and are designed to be perfect for the baby’s skin” may be the royal’s choice as around three billion nappies are thrown away every year in the UK.

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Most toys tend to be plastic and they often end up being thrown away when they are no longer needed.

The parenting expert opined that Princess Eugenie may opt for “ethically-made toys, made from wood or bamboo”.

“Or perhaps find pre-loved toys which are in excellent condition from charity shops, or look into renting toys for a short period of time and handing them back once they have outgrown them,” she commented.

As a royal, Princess Eugenie’s son August is expected to wear fabulous baby clothes from the most expensive brands but instead, she may go for “second-hand or hand me down baby clothes” for the little one.

Rachel explained that this is “a great way to save the planet” and there are many companies in the UK that allow people to hire quality clothes that can be reused.

“A key thing to consider is the materials these clothes are made from” and Princess Eugenie may opt for “cotton and bamboo products to be more earth-friendly and organic”.

The expert added that “understandably, sometimes you would want to buy brand new clothes for your children, but by changing the geographical locations of where these clothes are sourced, it would reduce the distance your items need to travel,” so the royal presumably chooses British brands for her little one.

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When thinking about the utensils and equipment Princess Eugenie uses with August, they may all be “reusable and washable products”.

“There are many UK-based companies creating items that are made from sustainable materials that would last a lot longer than plastic-based ones,” the expert explained.

The royal could also buy foods and drinks that come in more sustainable packaging or she may “adapt the family meals for the baby, which could also help with reducing fussiness when the children grow up”.

For other items August may need, like highchairs, Rachel suggested the royal probably has “wooden ones rather than plastic” at home.

“Not only is this better for the environment, but there is also so much more life in a wooden highchair, and there would be a larger opportunity to reuse or pass it down to someone else.”

For skin products, “it is advised that you use nothing but water for cleaning until your baby is at least four to six weeks,” Rachel explained.

Once this period has passed, people can use very gentle products as the baby’s skin is delicate and needs to be looked after. For August’s skin, Princess Eugenie may opt for organic and dermatologically tested products.

Princess Eugenie and band Jack Brooksbank announced earlier this year that are expecting their second child this summer.


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