Princess Eugenie’s body language shows ‘natural divisions occurring’ in Royal Family


When the Royal Family attended church on Easter Sunday, it looked like Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank were alone as they entered Windsor Castle. The older generation of royals were ahead of them, which included King Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew, whereas Eugenie’s generation of royals stayed behind.

This included her sister Princess Beatrice and her cousins Zara Tindall and Prince William.

As a result, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank looked quite isolated as they walked into St George’s Chapel alone.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to to explain why Eugenie and Jack might have decided to do this.

She claimed: “Eugenie did seem to be struggling during her arrival at the Easter service yesterday, but was it her baby bump that was causing problems or something much more intricate in terms of family politics?

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“Eugenie was close to the late Queen and her height, shape, styling and body language have often made her look similar to the younger Elizabeth, especially with her naturally regal bearing.

“The Princess has also always shown the strongest of bonds of loyalty to her closest family members, especially her sister, who she often seemed inseparable from, even after their marriages and motherhood.

“But Eugenie is also close to Harry and Meghan, to the point where there are rumours she and Jack were thinking of de-camping to the US, like her cousin and his wife.”

The body language expert implied this could be causing a separation between Eugenie and the rest of her family at the moment, due to the ongoing struggles the royals are having with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Judi opined: “With King Charles’s ‘slimmed down’ Firm, with Beatrice and Eugenie even expected to be missing from the royal balcony appearance at the Coronation, it’s possible there are some natural divisions occurring, based on rank as well as emotions.”

According to the expert, Easter Sunday saw “two key groups” emerge in the royal walkabout.

Judi explained: “This outing saw the Firm divide into two key groups: at the front were Charles, Camilla, Anne, Edward and Eugenie’s father Andrew, while behind were the more relaxed and jolly-looking group of the Tindalls, Eugenie’s sister, her husband and the Waleses.

“In the middle, and very separate, were Eugenie and Jack. Eugenie’s mouth was clamped and pulled down at the corners and she wore an unhappy-looking frown.”

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Judi explained why this was quite an odd picture for Eugenie to paint who is normally quite upbeat.

The expert suggested: “She is so often the one organising and steering her own family group at formal events like this, but here she looked wary about mingling at all.”

Even more interesting, Judi noted that Eugenie signalled she wanted to avoid joining the rest of her family.

She claimed: “As the first group stopped at the entrance we can see Eugenie grind to a rather deliberate halt in what looks like a bid to avoid joining them, while Jack turns in a way that blocks his wife from the waiting fans.

“It looks as though Sophie turns to connect with her niece and her husband but Eugenie appears to turn to look behind her instead.”

However, this all could have been because Eugenie is currently seven months pregnant, the body language expert argued.

Judi suggested: “Jack’s rather protective body language suggests it was the pregnancy that might have prompted Eugenie to keep emphatically separate here if she was struggling or feeling uncomfortable.

“But you might expect her to join her sister if she needed a little extra support.”


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