Princess Kate can wow in ‘less flattering’ styles thanks to clever styling trick

Despite being a senior member of the Royal Family, Kate has managed to make a name for herself as a style icon too. And with that comes an expansive wardrobe of showstopping outfits.

In fact, there are few colours, shades and styles that Kate, Princess of Wales hasn’t been seen wearing.

From cobalt and pastel blue dresses to both rich red and Fuschia pink evening gowns, the 41-year-old always stands out amongst crowds.

According to celebrity stylist and royal fashion expert Miranda Holder (@TheMirandaHolder), Kate’s ability to pull off an array of looks boils down to one simple “styling tip”.

Speaking exclusively to, she claimed that the Princess dresses almost always dresses in her “season”.

Each individual can be matched to a “skin season”, which is determined by the tone of their complexion, hair colour and eye colour.

In Kate’s case, she has warm brown hair, hazel-green eyes and a “cool”, “fair” skin tone which changes from yellow to pink.

Miranda said: “There is a lot of debate about Kate’s colouring but she is actually a true ‘autumn’ skin tone.”

The stylist continued: “She looks great in rich, warm tones such as egg yolk yellow and scarlet red, but thanks in part to her dedicated glam squad, she looks great in a range of colours as they know how to compensate if a tone is slightly less flattering.

“This is a styling tip we can all take from Kate – knowing which colours suit you best, then learning how to get away with wearing the colours that don’t.”

As a “true autumn”, the Princess of Wales’s go-to colour palette is made up of golden, earthy and fiery shades.

This is reflected in her wardrobe by the level of warm greens, golden yellows, orangey-reds and golden brown tones.


While the colour chart associated with Kate’s complexion does not favour pure white shades, the royal “compensates” for this with her hair, makeup, and accessories.

When Kate stepped out for the Order of the Garter procession earlier in June, she teamed a white Polka dot gown with dark pink lipstick and brown eyeshadow to add warmth and richness.

She also paired the show-stopping style with neutral pearl drop earrings in a flattering off-white colour.

Though Kate was not wearing her colours, the careful choice of accessories made her complexion glow as much as if she was in a mustard yellow or mellow brown ensemble.

When the Princess of Wales does wear her colours, it is clear that her makeup and jewels are more pared back.

Most recently at Royal Ascot, the royal’s statement red Alexander McQueen gown spoke for itself.

The stylish 41-year-old teamed the look with a nude lips and subtle bronzed makeup for the summer occasion.

Though she did step out in bold gold earrings, Kate kept the rest of the outfit very tonal and minimal compared to when she dressed outside of her seasonal palette.

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