Princess Kate has entered an ‘alluring’ new ‘style chapter’ – claim

Princess Kate has become a royal style icon, admired by fans across the globe for her signature wardrobe, hairstyles and accessories.

As a senior working member of the Royal Family, Kate is bound by a host of style rules and protocols, and yet she still manages to experiment with her fashion sense.

While she has worn her fair share of show-stopping gowns, designer dresses, and statement power suits, the Princess of Wales’s recent style has stood out for the opposite reason.

According to celebrity stylist and royal fashion expert Miranda Holder (@TheMirandaHolder), the 41-year-old has served “softer” looks as of late.

Speaking exclusively to, Miranda said: “Kate has been delighting us with looks that reveal more of her softer, feminine side recently, fully embracing flowing, floaty fabrics and parading a blatant penchant for pink!”

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The fashion expert continued: “We know that every nuance of Kate’s outfit is carefully curated, with every detail from her jewels to her shoes specially selected to portray a sentiment, so the recent flurry of pink and green will not be an accident.

“Pink is a very feminine, romantic colour and has helped to reveal Kate’s softer side to us all, whereas green, reminiscent of nature, is soft, reassuring and soothing – all qualities just perfect for a Princess!”

While the most recent adjustment to the Princess of Wales’s wardrobe could be for the summer months, Miranda noted that it’s not the first change that can be identified this year.

In fact, earlier in 2023, the royal noticeably shook up her style to appear more professional and “business-like”, as opposed to a  glamorous fashion icon.

The stylist claimed: “Kate came under a little bit of criticism for dressing too formally at the beginning of the year. In line with the Palace no longer revealing all the details of her outfits, we witnessed her image become more businesslike, even a little austere.

“Kate did of course carry it off, but the Palace have wisely opted to position Kate in the softer, floatier silhouettes in which she is her most alluring. Kate is their principal ‘Royal poster girl’ and it’s all about keeping those ratings high.”

Of course, it’s not the first time the royal has changed her look – and according to Miranda, it won’t be the last time either. 

She said: “Kate’s Royal career is in my mind divided into ‘style chapters’. The Princesses’ style took a different turn once she became Princess of Wales, and it has recently evolved again.

“It’s refreshing and exciting to see a Windsor Wife use fashion as a means to distinguish different eras in her life, and I’m sure we’ll see many more – I can’t wait to see what she does next!

‌”Her summer style is lighter, floatier, softer and more feminine. In contrast, her winter wardrobe was made up of more structured pieces in deeper hues which felt more formal.”

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