Princess Kate ‘nourishes her life’ with secret outings, experts claim


Kate, the Princess of Wales, is one of the most famous women in the world, but she still goes out and about, carrying out ‘normal’ errands without members of the public knowing, according to Vanity Fair’s former editor Tina Brown.

In her latest book, The Palace Papers, Tina claimed the Princess sets her alarm unsociably early every day, so she can leave the royal household and get some “me time”.

Kate apparently heads to her favourite public spots before 8am where she enjoys alone time, before anyone else appears.

By getting up really early, Kate can also avoid photographers and reporters, as well as members of the public, and Tina claimed, that with no one around, Kate can “nourish her life”.

Perhaps one of Kate’s private solo outings is to go cold water swimming early in the morning.

It comes after April this year when Kate and Prince William visited Wales and took part in a few activities with the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team before getting pizza.

During a walkabout, where they met with locals, Alison Cheeke, who was wrapped up in a Dryrobe to protect her from the cold, rainy weather engaged in conversation with the Princess.

Alison told People about their exchange: “Kate told me she goes cold water swimming and wears one for when she gets out of the water.”

It is not known what else Kate might get up to on her solo trips, but so far, she has only been spotted once, according to The Sun – at a David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.


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