Queen Camilla’s most poignant jewels are encrusted with her birthstone

As a senior member of the Royal Family, Camilla has a host of impressive jewels at her disposal.

The Queen Consort is often seen wearing statement pieces ranging from necklaces and earrings to tiaras, all of which have different meanings.

While the 75-year-old has an array of diamonds, sapphires and other exquisite gems, some of her most notable pieces are encrusted with glimmering red rubies.

Her collection includes a mixture of dainty sentimental pieces and entire Ruby suites that were gifted by poignant figures.

The royal styles some of her crimson red accessories for everyday wear, though others are reserved only for significant occasions.

Among Camilla’s collection are two diamond and ruby jewellery suites, both thought to be diplomatic gifts, according to an expert at Diamonds Factory Ireland.

The Queen Consort was given the statement jewels from the Saudi Royal Family upon a visit to the state.

One of the necklaces features an elaborate diamond web pattern breastplate with approximately 37 rubies encrusted in the glistening clusters.

Diamond-encrusted spacers connect the impressive jewels, which were debuted by the Queen Consort in 2007 at the 150th anniversary celebratory concert for Philadelphia’s Academy of Music.

According to the jewellery expert, the set also comes with a pair of matching ruby earrings, though the necklace has not been worn since its debut in 2007.

In March 2013, Charles and Camilla made another visit to the Middle East during which King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia presented them with another suite of jewels.

The Court Jeweller claimed that this large ruby necklace, which features pear-shaped rubies in a more floral, romantic diamond setting, is a similar style to the previous piece.

Also gifted with matching earrings and a bracelet, the set was debuted by Camilla at the premiere of The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in London in 2015.

This precious set has not yet been worn again by the Queen Consort, though more recently she was spotted in one of her less extravagant ruby necklaces.

The royal donned the gold plate pendant with a ruby stone centre while visiting Poundbury, Dorset on June 27.

Regarded as one of her most heartfelt and sentimental pieces, the necklace is often worn by Camilla as a sweet nod to her beloved family.

The simplistic design not only features her birthstone in the core of the gold pendant but also has sweet details of her children’s names.

Inscribed on the necklace are the initials of her grandchildren, Lola, Freddy, Eliza, Louis and Gus.

Rubies are clearly a personal choice for Camilla as her birthstone but the crimson red gem was also loved by Queen Elizabeth II.

The late mother of King Charles ordered the famed Burmese Ruby Tiara by Garrard & Co in 1973, and the precious accessory has since become renowned for containing a staggering 96 rubies and gifted diamonds.

Jewel expert Katarina Perez claimed that historically, rubies have always been seen as “the royal gemstone” – symbolic of power and prominence adorning the Tsars of Russia, the Maharajahs of India, and the royal families of Europe.

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