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In this week’s episode of Queen The Greatest Live, which you can watch below, Roger Taylor didn’t hold back.

The Queen drummer gave a brand new interview with Sir Brian May on how important the fans are in helping making their shows so epic.

The guitarist confessed what made Queen different to some of the other bands of the 1970s was that they tried to avoid being lost in the image of being the “untouchable-rock-gods”.

Instead he said that Queen tried to focus on being “pretty human” in their interactions with their fans at live gigs.

Roger then chimed in, pointing out how he found some bands of the period to be “f***ing rude” when performing live.

Roger explained how performing to fans it can sometimes feel like the whole place is one person.

The 74-year-old shared: “This is a wonderful feeling and we should involve the audience. And, y’know, the one thing we weren’t was a shoe gazing [band].”

By this, he meant groups who would perform live looking down at their feet as though the fans weren’t there.

The Queen drummer added: “I mean, I remember some bands, the guitar player might even face the back. It’s just f***ing rude.”

Roger lampooned: “‘I’m much too cool.’ All playing Fender Jaguars for some reason. Terrible guitar.

“I don’t know why anybody would play that guitar. Thin, reedy sounding for thin reedy bands I suppose.”

Next week’s episode of Queen The Greatest Live is called In The Lap of the Gods.


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