Real life wedding story: ‘I cut up my bridesmaid dress at a wedding’


A bridesmaid party’s decision to change their dresses into partywear has divided the internet. Some people have said it may have taken attention away from the bride, while other people have said the alterations paid off and looked cute. 

Emma is a photographer who recently went viral on social media with over 12 million views on her TikTik account @emma.league.  She recently posted a video of herself and other bridesmaids cutting up their dresses on the day of their friend’s wedding.

Emma posted the video stating the bridesmaids’ group decided to change their bridesmaid dresses just before the reception began.

In the video, the bridesmaids are making alternations to the pale pink gowns to look less formal and more like partywear by cutting the dresses to knee length. 

They are seen smiling and laughing, with some joking they would not be dancing depending on how short their dresses end up being.

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In the comment section, some people were divided on the bridesmaids making such drastic changes to their dresses. 

One person wrote: “No, those dresses are beautiful, why would you cut them” and another person wrote: “Those dresses cost too much to trash them like that. No way.” 

Many people were concerned about what the bride’s reaction was, as one popular comment said: “Please tell me the bride knew and was okay with this” 

Emma replied and said the bride was more than happy with the bridesmaid making changes to their dresses, and posted a video of the bride’s reaction, which was her laughing and smiling.

Emma assured people in her comment section that the wedding reception went great and the bride was not upset about the dresses becoming semi-formal. 

She posted a video of the bridesmaids dancing anc having fun at the reception after the dress cut, and the comment section continued to be divided on whether the dress alterations were the right choice. 

One person commented: “I would be livid, the end result looks s***” while somebody else wrote: “The wild and crazy bridesmaids stole the attention from the bride with crazy antics.” 

Another person wrote: “Those are actually cute dresses – I wouldn’t have cut mine. I’d use the dress for a photoshoot then sell it.”

However, other people praised the bridesmaids and said the dress altercations were a good and fun idea.

One popular comment said: “I’ll admit, I did not trust the process. This is cute.” 

Another user wrote: “You made them look like fairy dresses!” while another popular comment said: “They’re cute! So much easier to party in too, they turned out great.” 

Emma has since posted a video saying that it was the “best wedding ever” and ended up being a “dang good day.” 

Many comments begged Emma to reveal where she got the dress, and the bridesmaid posted a link to the pink gown. 

The prices of the dress begin at $55.99 (£44.83) and are more expensive and can go up to $64.99 (£52.04) depending on the size that is bought.


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