Reddit comments weren’t loading for awhile


On Wednesday, Reddit was acting up again. Some of us at The Verge ran into some issues browsing the site, including threads with blank comments and some pages with a “504 Gateway Timeout” message.

The key issue seemed to be that comments weren’t loading when you were browsing Reddit’s website when not logged in. In an Incognito Chrome window on desktop, I could see that people posted comments but couldn’t actually see what they wrote. At the bottom of the screen, Reddit’s website showed messages that said, “We had a server error…” I saw this issue when logged out on Reddit’s mobile website as well.

Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

Before I originally published this story, I occasionally ran into the 504 errors on desktop web while logged in, but that seemed to only last for a few minutes.

Reddit didn’t reply to a request for comment. As of this writing, Reddit’s status page says that all systems are operational. Downdetector showed a peak of about 2,000 user reports of issues (which isn’t that high for a huge platform like Reddit).

Update August 23rd, 4:33PM ET: The issues seem to have been fixed.


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