Reddit user slams shopping-obsessed wife demanding he quit£79k job


A Reddit user raged at his wife after she demanded he quit his £79,000-a-year job claiming the cash is not enough to support their family.

The infuriated husband said the pair got into a heated row after he urged their daughter not to drink more milk than she should because of the cost of food.

But his reaction sparked the fury of his wife, who insisted he should go for a higher-paying job to demonstrate he is a “real husband and father.”

He said: “My wife has been telling me for multiple years to get a job that actually pays a living wage.

“My job pays me £79k/yr. I have 4 kids and we are late on paying bills almost every month.

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“Today, my daughter got a huge glass of milk and I had asked her not to drink milk since it’s expensive and we need it for the meals we have ingredients for.

“My wife got mad and told me that she can drink as much milk as she likes and that it’s ridiculous that I still work at the same place that cannot support a family of 4.”

He explained his wife is currently not working and he accused her of overspending by buying things they do not need.

She suggested hiring a certified accountant to look over their money flow but he argued he would not have the money to cover the costs.

The Reddit user continued: “I yelled back. I told her the only problem we actually have is how much she spends on selfish garbage and she has no self-control and just buys whatever she wants and that it is HER that is not supporting this family and it is HER that doesn’t have a job.

“She says she will never respect me because I won’t do what needs to be done like a ‘real husband and father’ would (aka quit my job and find one that makes what she considers a livable wage, £198k+)

“I told her she’s out of her mind, that £79k is a lot of money and way more than most people will ever make.

“She told me to hire a CPA. When I said I can’t afford that she said ‘hmmmm’ with snark followed by a ‘whatever dude’.”

Opinions on who was right in the situation were split, with one user noting both had valid points to make – and both needed to figure out how to budget better to support their family.

They said: “You got four young kids, unless she’s clearing at least £39k you’d be barely breaking even, and you’d both be stressed as all get out.

“Which makes you the a**hole for telling her to get a job. She has one. She’s also the a**hole for telling you your job isn’t good enough.

“You’re both the a**holes for not figuring out how to budget. You’re the asshole for telling your daughter not to drink milk. Your lack of budgeting is not your kids’ fault.”

Another user also agreed both husband and wife had blame to share in the situation. They wrote: “She – for not planning a budget and STICKING to it, you – for assuming that 79k is a lot of money when you have such a big family.

“It’s not anymore, not in today’s economy. Also, she does have a job. Looking after 4 kids is a full-time job. That being said, she really does need a reality check into where all that money that you have goes into if you guys can’t even afford milk for the kid.”



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