Relationship advice: ‘Working in a maternity ward has taught me the type of man to avoid’


A medical student who is currently training at a maternity ward says her experience has taught her a method of what type of man to avoid in a relationship.

Faye Bate has shared on social media that watching how different expecting fathers treat their pregnant partners has given her ideas of how to decide if a relationship is right for her.

She has posted a video on her Tiktok account @fayebate that working around parents has taught her more about dating.

Faye explained: “So I want to tell you about my experience as a medical student in a maternity ward has completely changed my perspective on dating and finding a relationship.

“Very quickly into my placement, I realised you can split basically split every single Dad into two categories.”

Faye said that “Category number one” were men that were very helpful and kind during a woman’s pregnancy.

She described these men as “the men who could basically not do enough for these women”.

They were bringing them snacks, staying in contact with friends and family and rubbing their back, she said.

However, Faye explained that “Category number two” were men “who had absolutely no concept of what these women were going through”.

She added: “Beyond that, it was almost as if they gave an air of entitlement. It was almost as if it was her duty.”

Faye said she began “to notice a pattern” and then used the observations in her personal life.

She said: “Something funny happened. I started to fit boys that I have been with into these two different categories.”

Faye explained: “Again, it was fairly easy to place them in these categories. I would never admit this as that would be very weird.

“Now I try and place people in these categories quite early on, because I think this is quite useful information to help you decide whether you want to continue seeing someone.”

In the comment section, viewers praised her for her “genius” idea of deciding on what type of date to avoid.

One woman wrote: “I’m a student midwife and this is so accurate. It’s either one or the other, there’s NO in-between.”

Somebody else said they had a similar method for deciding on who to date. The woman wrote: “I do this with men who would push you into a swimming pool, vs men who would not push you into a swimming pool.”

Other comments said they were saving the video for future reference, while one other commentator said: “So accurate! As a student midwife I’ve seen so many of category two; we had a dad ask if he can go home whilst his wife was bleeding out.”

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